Foxy Digitalis 2022 Favorites: Andrew Oda

As part of Foxy Digitalis’s 2022 look back, I asked a handful of artists, labels, and friends to put together mixes of some of their favorites from the year, and I’ll share them throughout December and January. Andrew Oda was a late 2022 revelation for me. His album, Back to the Body, is a dense, hypnotizing masterpiece (I just wrote about it last week, so I won’t … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis 2022 Favorites: Andrew Oda

The Capsule Garden Vol 1.40: December 2, 2022

It’s the first Friday of the month, so that means it is BC day, of course. Last one of the year. Last one forever? Who knows. But I’ve got a new Charlatan album out called Earth Games, and it’s a course alteration for the project. It’s a record I’m incredibly proud of, and a little terrified of having it out in the world since it feels … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 1.40: December 2, 2022

The Capsule Garden Vol 1.33: September 16, 2022

The hits keep coming here in September, the worst of the months. Can’t it just be fall already? Irarrázabal / Baldwin Grips (Tripticks Tapes) I can’t imagine something more in my wheelhouse than a double-double bass album with two of my favorite bassists, yet Grips still exceeds my expectations. Both Amanda Irarrázabal and Nat Baldwin are no strangers to Foxy Digitalis as they’ve put out countless diamonds in the … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 1.33: September 16, 2022

Jewel Garden Radio, Episode #3

New episode, finally! Lots of great tunes lately, so this is only a small taste. Arushi Jain “Richer Than Blood” (Leaving)(behind) Ayumi Ishito & The Spacemen “Night Chant” (577 Records)d’Eon “Poplar” (Hausu Mountain)Kasja Lindgren “Momentary Harmony” (Recital Program)New Chance “Fallen” (We Are Time)Joe McPhee, Michael Marcus, Jay Rosen, Warren Smith “Chatreuse Tulips” (Mahakala Music)(behind) Isnaj Dui “Swoon to Death” (Textura)Nick Storring “Frood” (mappa)Body Meπa “Motherwell” … Continue reading Jewel Garden Radio, Episode #3

Nick Storring “Newfoundout”

With Nick Storring, I simultaneously know what I’m getting myself into when he has a new album out while also having no idea what to expect. Storring’s diverse mix of instrumentation and whimsically detailed composition come together in new ways that push his vision beyond the horizon and into another plane. Newfoundout is a captivating maze where few things are what they seem and finding a way … Continue reading Nick Storring “Newfoundout”

Cheryl E. Leonard “Schism”

Static electricity prickles the skin inside the ear as it crackles and ripples through the opening moments of Cheryl E. Leonard’s captivating new album on mappa, Schism. The title track continues like a tour through an alien landscape where flora and technology mix together, creating something new and unheard. Electronic rain rolls across the hum, distant birds singing a forlorn song while synthetic hollow sounds emerge … Continue reading Cheryl E. Leonard “Schism”