Foxy Digitalis (Halloween) Mix #30: Altar Eagle

Altar Eagle (the duo of my wife, Eden Hemming, and myself) has been a bit quiet for the better part of the past decade, but we’re still here and slowly working on a new album (well, talking about one at least). In the meantime, check out our last one, Nightrunners (and check tha amazing Radek Drutis artwork), and you can hear all of our other … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis (Halloween) Mix #30: Altar Eagle

Ben Vida & Marina Rosenfeld “Leaving”

Ben Vida and Marina Rosenfeld’s last two collaborative efforts, Feel Anything and Vertice, are striking sound worlds. On their latest collaboration, Leaving, they take elements (literally and figuratively) from those pieces and grind them through the prism of our current situation. Leaving is a heavy meditation on our current reality. It’s an invigorating listen, almost alien at times, but imbued with an austere melancholy that I cannot escape. Rosenfeld is one … Continue reading Ben Vida & Marina Rosenfeld “Leaving”