Finding the Good Wind with Steve Gunn

The last show I saw before the pandemic was Steve Gunn at the Bob Dylan Center in Tulsa. He was nearing the end of a long year of touring, and even though we’d never met face-to-face before that evening, our conversation was that of old friends with a shared history. Gunn is a thoughtful songwriter who considers his words and his approach carefully, always honing … Continue reading Finding the Good Wind with Steve Gunn

Steve Gunn “Other You”

A new side of Steve Gunn turns up on his latest, Other You. There’s a surprising dichotomy that emerges early on and grows throughout this timeless record. Simultaneously, Gunn is more reserved – his guitar playing is more technically reserved and straightforward, while his voice is more present and out front. Awash with a psychedelic sheen, these songs are dialed in and smeared with a level … Continue reading Steve Gunn “Other You”