James Newton “Flute Music”

When it comes to showing what’s possible with the flute, it doesn’t get any better than James Newton. His playing is otherworldly. His compositions become these lush sonic valleys that rise from nothing organically, infused with a pointed whimsy As a composer, he creates beautiful, whimsical worlds that drift and change direction like a river cutting through the land over millennia. Like the gradual changes … Continue reading James Newton “Flute Music”

Alice Damon “Windsong”

Hearing “Waterfall Winds” on Light in the Attic’s seminal I Am The Center compilation of private press new age music back in 2013 left me breathless. It’s an incredible collection, but Alice Damon’s wordless incantations and gentle electronics struck a particular nerve. Her music is sonically light and breathless, but it conveys a spirit weighed down by a clouded world. Her  music is searching for … Continue reading Alice Damon “Windsong”