Foxy Digitalis Mix #26: Nick Zanca

Nick Zanca’s Cacerolazo continues to get near-daily rotations here, new sounds and ideas revealing themselves each time. It’s such an immersive listening experience for me and is an album that might seem challenging at first, but is so listenable once it sets in.  Nick put together this stellar mix-ish. In his own words: “It’s less of a proper mix, and more of a curated selection of favorite … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #26: Nick Zanca

Nick Zanca “Cacerolazo”

Cacerolazo is a departure for Nick Zanca in many ways; from his Mister Lies moniker and especially from the sonic fields where I’m used to finding him. Built around field recordings captured in 2013 while Zanca was at a tour stop in Turkey, he turns these cathartic and, at times, ominous captured moments into an intimate self-reflection. With each subsequent listen, the breadth of emotion in … Continue reading Nick Zanca “Cacerolazo”

Nick Zanca Steps Back to Move Forward

It’s always interesting to me when someone steps away from a project or moniker, especially if it’s got a decent-sized following and a fair bit of history. I might be alone in this, but whatever immediately follows that decision is something I want to investigate. Nick Zanca dropped his Mister Lies moniker and comes in heavy with his first release under his own name, Cacerolazo. It’s … Continue reading Nick Zanca Steps Back to Move Forward