The Capsule Garden Vol 1.38: November 4, 2022

This week began with the news of Norm Chambers’ passing, and I’ve been reeling since. Norm was a titan in every way. His music was unparalleled, only obscured by his gentle kindness and supportive spirit. I said on Twitter, and believe it fully, Norm was the best of us. And his talent was enormous in ways I don’t think many fully grasp. His expansive discography is filled … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 1.38: November 4, 2022

The Capsule Garden Vol 1.24 July 15, 2022

The heat continues creeping up to unbearable levels here in Tulsa, and the forecast worsens daily (110 on the horizon). It’s brutal. We always have gnarly summers here, but 2022 is pushing that too far. What a year. I’m trying to stay cool in a dark house. Fun.  In other news, The Jewel Garden launched a new Singles Club for subscribers. As a teenager, I … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 1.24 July 15, 2022

Lost In Possibilities With Ashley Paul

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. For a long while, Ashley Paul has made music that hits me like nobody else. Her songs are filled with open spaces that feel like invitations. There are elements of whimsy infused with pensiveness and cathartic reflections, all wrapped into strange, remarkable sonic experiments. Intricate banalities transform into organic, sprawling … Continue reading Lost In Possibilities With Ashley Paul

–___–__ “The Heart Pumps Kool-Aid”

CD edition available from Mondoj While I continue dreaming of a new more eaze solo album, I’m thankful she keeps releasing these stunning collaborations. —__–___ finds her joining forces with the inimitable Seth Graham and their debut, The Heart Pumps Kool-Aid, is a lush landscape littered with hope, heartbreak, and the emotional detritus we hang onto while being crushed under the weight of simply surviving in … Continue reading –___–__ “The Heart Pumps Kool-Aid”

Track Premiere: –___–__ “Julius Eastman / NY Metro Xylophone Player” (feat. metoronori)

There’s something that’s simultaneously emotionally satisfying and completely draining about “Julius Eastman/NY Metro Xylophone Player,” the newest single from the impossibly-named —__–___ (aka more eaze and Seth Graham). Visceral tugs radiate with a sinuous attachment from more eaze’s wistful violin notes as they grow and shrink back into the darkened corners. Graham and more eaze have such a deep understanding and symbiotic collaboration that even … Continue reading Track Premiere: –___–__ “Julius Eastman / NY Metro Xylophone Player” (feat. metoronori)

Giant Claw “Mirror Guide”

I hope there are multiple timelines even if the one we’re currently trapped in is bleak and brutal. Somebody somewhere is living a better life where the world isn’t on fire and the people who are supposed to protect us aren’t actively trying to kill us. There’s no utopia anywhere, in any dimension, but there’s at least something better than this. Mirror Guide, Keith Rankin’s latest … Continue reading Giant Claw “Mirror Guide”

Jewel Garden Radio, Episode #1

I always loved our podcasts/mixes section in the previous days of Foxy Digitalis, so of course I’m bringing it back in some form. Plus, it’s an excuse to share more music, which is always a good thing. Regular episodes of this show will hopefully continue into the future. I’d love to have some guests on some time (or guest hosts!) so if that’s something you … Continue reading Jewel Garden Radio, Episode #1

Finding the Edge of the Map w/ more eaze

An interview with Mari Maurice about histories, soul mates, & what it means to connect. Plus a couple favorite cocktail recipes for good measure! There are moments on Mari Maurice’s latest album as more eaze, yearn, that make time stop cold. She has this innate ability to mix wide-ranging elements and influences into beautiful, emotion-filled pop collages. There nothing else that sounds like more eaze. Her work … Continue reading Finding the Edge of the Map w/ more eaze

Notes From the Jewel Garden #1: Back to the Future

Picking up old threads as 2013 bleeds into 2021. Hello again… On January 31st, 2013 when I pressed ‘publish’ on the final installment of my long-running column, The Long Decline, I 100% believed that was the end of Foxy Digitalis in any form. I hadn’t dropped any hints or made any announcements leading up to the formal declaration I made in that piece, but I had … Continue reading Notes From the Jewel Garden #1: Back to the Future