Merzbow & Lawrence English “Eternal Stalker”

It’s hard to believe Eternal Stalker is the first official collaboration between these two titans of experimental sound, but the wait is worth it. Across 40 caustic minutes, Merzbow and Lawrence English sonically dissect the lives of machinery and production. Bristling in the midnight glow of fire-breathing engines, they let the harrowing hellscape throw its most brutal punches through a buffer of electronic mayhem.  A world is … Continue reading Merzbow & Lawrence English “Eternal Stalker”

Susana López “The Edge of the Circle”

A mix of ominous electronics and darkly ethereal voices open the curtain on Susan López’s latest, The Edge of the Circle. Her arrangements move with precision, laser-focused. The sound design is captivating, and these pieces are produced in a way where every detail is honed to a point and can be heard or dissected. The Edge of the Circle is a sledgehammer with enough gravity to create its … Continue reading Susana López “The Edge of the Circle”

Zekarias Thompson “Goodnight Shiva”

An inner dialogue winds through Zekarias Thompson’s magnificent debut, Goodnight Shiva. Meditations on isolation and reconnection; the alignment of self-perception and outward realities become reveries where immersive listening reveals a river that runs beneath it all. Thompson’s hand guides this journey. He ruminates on blackness and what all that can mean as he uses these sonic expressions to find a wave of peace within his own … Continue reading Zekarias Thompson “Goodnight Shiva”