The Capsule Garden Vol 1.23: July 8, 2022

Another week where not a lot makes sense, but at least we’ve got some more excellent tunes to dig into. Cyril Meysson & Sheng Jie La Chaleur Des Choses Sans Nom (Dub Cthonic) Spectral facades glow against a dark backdrop infused with frenetic energy and determined drones. Meysson’s guitar tone cracks through the wailing sphere of Jie’s electric cello, encasing it in a metallic sheen. Movements elevate … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 1.23: July 8, 2022

Roman Norfleet “Death’s Door”

Within about 15 seconds of hitting play on Death’s Door, I was all in. Portland’s Roman Norfleet channels countless energy fields and spins them into a psychic-spiritual sonic journey of cavernous depths and wide-eyed enthusiasm. The 46 seconds of opener “Fear” are a wormhole into his singular world vision with tremolo strings, skittering percussive layers, purifying saxophone skree, and his enthusiastic incantations. Once that door is … Continue reading Roman Norfleet “Death’s Door”