Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #28: Pinkcourtesyphone

I’m not sure much needs to be said here, but when Pinkcourtesyphone delivers a mix subtitled “gelatinous suspension of beliefs,” there’s only one way this is going. Hit play, fall down jagged chasms and get stuck in a vat of enchanted ooze where dance parties wobble enthusiastically and scientific discovery is etched in puddles of spectral recitations. Massive. His new album, All Intensive Purposes, will be … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #28: Pinkcourtesyphone

Track Premiere: Natalie Beridze “Ash Wednesday”

Sometimes fragments of memories are more powerful than seeing the whole picture. Natalie Beridze’s “Ash Wednesday” (named after the T.S. Eliot poem which she sings in part) is a small dam holding back an ocean. Eliot’s rumination on finding hope for human salvation echoes across electronic vistas. While Eliot found God through religion, Beridze resonates in the spirit found within music and sound. Her voice … Continue reading Track Premiere: Natalie Beridze “Ash Wednesday”

Zimoun “Guitar Studies”

There’s a rare point at which music becomes a monolith. Zimoun’s three-hour Guitar Studies ventures into that territory and in his description of the recording process, the scope becomes even bigger. There are no loops on Guitar Studies. “For each layer in each piece, I recorded whatever I was exploring over the whole period of about an hour,” he explains in the album description, and because of that … Continue reading Zimoun “Guitar Studies”

Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #26: Robert Takahashi Crouch

Robert Takahashi Crouch’s 2021 album, Jubilee, is special. He upped the ante earlier this year with a collection of reworks from a host stellar artists of album opener (and standout), “A Ritual.” The world of Jubilee continues to grow and evolve and for listeners, the expansive scope is a gift. Crouch adds an additional orbit with this Ritual Variations Mix Tape for Foxy Digitalis. Featuring pieces from the artists that … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #26: Robert Takahashi Crouch

Track Premiere: Rafael Anton Irisarri “Cloak”

The hollows are alive and singing on this expansive new offering from Rafael Anton Irisarri. Tones are cut from ephemeral stone giving this music a simultaneous gravity and weightlessness. Irisarri’s work is visceral but not unsettling. Expressive aural shapes drift through the changing landscape, taken in by the harmonic movements and held close through the growing swells. This music echoes the way it feels within … Continue reading Track Premiere: Rafael Anton Irisarri “Cloak”

Track Premiere: Delay/Aarset “Single 08”

Vladislav Delay (aka Sasu Ripatti) and Eivind Aarset coming together in a diverse sonic collision feels like the universe giving into its magnetic pull. Both have operated in marginal realms where engaging, forward-thinking ideas are born. On Singles, atoms are split and reformed in electric aural spaces to create a diverse, enigmatic landscape filled with enticing drama and tonal reciprocity. “Single 08” ratchets across Ripatti’s jackhammering … Continue reading Track Premiere: Delay/Aarset “Single 08”

Around in Circles: An Interview With Eugene Carchesio

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. Perhaps best known for his visual art, Eugene Carchesio’s interest in sound has been a constant for just about as long. I still remember hearing his duo album with Leighton Craig, Leaves, for the first time and being immediately smitten with its simple elegance and weightlessness. From that point on, I … Continue reading Around in Circles: An Interview With Eugene Carchesio

Video Premiere: Yui Onodera “Too Ne” (excerpt)

Tokyo’s Yui Onodera returns with a new edition on Room 40, Too Ne. Intimate ambient soundscapes don’t so much recede into the background as much as they become ingrained in our collective consciousness. Onodera guides tones into gently shifting into open channels where the aqueous sonics congeal into amorphous cocoons. This music feels close to the skin even if it comes from a primordial, far away … Continue reading Video Premiere: Yui Onodera “Too Ne” (excerpt)

Video Premiere: Alberto Boccardi “Silice”

Tension thrives in hushed liminal spaces. On “Silice,” the first taste of Alberto Boccardi’s introspective new edition from Room 40, Petra, voices sneak through the electronic architecture searching out new modes of quiet. Boccardi shows considerable restraint in the sonic inquisitions of “Silice,” letting stillness breathe and chord arrangements stretch into whisps until dissipating completely. Shadows always follow movement in the video’s hypnotic imagery, the apprehension … Continue reading Video Premiere: Alberto Boccardi “Silice”

Track Premiere: France Jobin “A Ritual / For a Daydream”

The opening track on Robert Takahashi Crouch’s last album, Jubilee, is the 19-minute “A Ritual,” culled from a longer, two-hour improvisational piece. For Ritual Variations, out on May 6 via Room40, he commissioned seven friends and artists to use the original two-hour recording as source material for further investigations and contemplations on the intimate nature of the music. The entire release is fantastic, but France Jobin’s stunning 37-minute “A … Continue reading Track Premiere: France Jobin “A Ritual / For a Daydream”