Ancient Child: Hillbilly French #5

I am excited to welcome the Ancient Child show to Foxy Digitalis. I’ve enjoyed their mixes tremendously in recent months, and the sonic spaces they explore fit right into the site’s building blocks. New shows will come through every other Wednesday. Their mixes are also available to stream via YouTube HERE. Tracklist:Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness – Protected By The Ejaculation of SerpentsThe Transcendence Orchestra – … Continue reading Ancient Child: Hillbilly French #5

The Repository #22: Sir Richard Bishop

An interview from 2007 by the late, great Cory Card. Go grab some tunes from Sir Richard Bishop’s bandcamp while you’re at it. – BR Over the past few years, Sir Richard Bishop has been mesmerizing audiences across North America, Europe, and Australia, with his raga/jazz/rock-infused work for solo acoustic guitar. He has also released a string of magnificent solo recordings for both acoustic guitar … Continue reading The Repository #22: Sir Richard Bishop