Finding Her Place and Becoming Taranoya

Though she was born and raised in Iran, Taranoya’s music combines a wide array of surprising and disparate ideas to create something singular and captivating. The aural landscapes she builds are like dreams of other worlds, places where anything seems possible. Deep listening reveals trenchant emotions and a thirst for uncovering hard truths through sonic exploration. Using an assortment of synths and electronics, Taranoya builds … Continue reading Finding Her Place and Becoming Taranoya

Taranoya “Becoming”

Emotional growth is slow and sometimes the process seems to move in reverse. There’s no real endpoint, either, but each forward movement is like another notch in the celestial plane and it holds a special kind of viscous magic. Taranoya captures this spirit beautifully on her debut album, Becoming, lacing minimal synth work around her towering, ethereal vocals. Vast open spaces become a haven for lost … Continue reading Taranoya “Becoming”