Video Premieres: Yann Novak & Robert Takahashi Crouch

Kudos to The Tapeworm for pairing LA power couple Yann Novak and Robert Takahashi Crouch on this new split tape, Giving Water to the Dead. Novak and Crouch create some of the most engaging, emotionally-dense music around. They started with the same source material for this split but went on their own sonic treks. Each side is its own statement, but they work together as a … Continue reading Video Premieres: Yann Novak & Robert Takahashi Crouch

Opal X “Twister”

BUY HERE Astrud Steehouder’s Opal X project is a shapeshifter and Twister is a whole universe of its own. The description on The Tapeworm site simply says “Goth ASMR Hardcore” and while I’m sure it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, it’s also spot on. Twister opens with rain-soaked synth drones wrecking cybernetic walls in the background on “Enter Guest, You Are Moving Toward the Light.” A disembodied voice offers cryptic new … Continue reading Opal X “Twister”