Cult Love Sound Grinds Ahead

Tulsa, Oklahoma is in the early stages of a music and arts renaissance. Fueled by an influx of new talent, various funding pipelines, and, especially, a DIY spirit that supports local weirdos while still trying to find a place in the larger art world, it’s the most exciting period I’ve seen in the 42 years I’ve lived here. Looking behind the scenes of so much … Continue reading Cult Love Sound Grinds Ahead

The Growth Eternal “Kensho !”

These six short vignettes are earworms. Bass lines last for days and bloom like flowers opening their petals toward the morning sun. Vocoder-laced vocals that are simultaneously timeless and from another time. Byron Crenshaw packs unimaginable weight and emotion into minute-long songs. “I might spend eternity here; haven’t touched my friends in a year,” his electronic voice croons on “Shaving Cream LSD,” hitting that broken … Continue reading The Growth Eternal “Kensho !”

CriesLol “Self Title”

CriesLol is the brainchild of Mateo Galindo, with help from Zak Modell and Rola Zeyada, and finds a way to drain the sonic deserts of sand and pour them into a cauldron of boundless styles. Strip mines and desolate landscapes get dystopian makeovers on CriesLol’s compelling debut, Self Title. Extinguishing the flames from Saint Paul to Tulsa, where Galindo lives and works, this is one … Continue reading CriesLol “Self Title”