The Capsule Garden Vol 1.18: May 13, 2022

If anyone thought I was kidding about starting a Rancid podcast, I certainly wasn’t. It’s been way too much fun to record and I hope people give it a listen. Meanwhile, quite a slate of killer tunes this week. Astrid Sonne “How Far” (SA Recordings) “How Far” is the newest offering from The Hearing Experience and Astrid Sonne’s stunning vocal arrangements are pure, blissful magic. Sonne always … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 1.18: May 13, 2022

Ekin Fil “Feelings”

The experience of listening to Ekin Fil’s stunning new album, Feelings, is like the momentary blindness experienced leaving someplace dark and walking out into the daylight. Everything goes white; a pensive stillness takes over, time becomes momentarily infinite. Feelings is stuck there, rife with anxiety and longing, but also grounded with a stoic determination to not shield our eyes from the blaze. Ekin Fil has been making beautiful, … Continue reading Ekin Fil “Feelings”

Perila “7.32/2.11”

The cover of 7.32/2.11 is a faded Rorschach test. The scattered and blurred greyscale image could be a million different things, but there’s a surprising amount of movement hidden in the bleakness. Ghostly figures stand in line, waiting for their chance to pass through a doorway into the mountain’s depths. Auroras dance in the sky, puppeteers pulling cosmic strings, laughing through the pain, breathing in winter’s degradation … Continue reading Perila “7.32/2.11”