The Repository #19: Starving Weirdos

There was a great thread on twitter this week about west coast psych/drone zoners and M. Geddes Gengras mentioned Starving Weirdos. I’ve been down the rabbit hole again ever since. Brian Pyle was a real kindred spirit back in the day (and I believe, fellow Arsenal fan so probably not feeling great about that this morning!) and I always loved working with him on various … Continue reading The Repository #19: Starving Weirdos

Into the Desert With Derek Monypeny

In Derek Monypeny, I’ve found a kindred spirit. We talk a bit about this in the interview, but when I saw him dedicate his incredible opus, The Hand as Dealt, to Alice Coltrane, Terry Riley, and Don Cherry, I knew I’d love it. (I mean, I figured I’d be into it considering how much his second album, Don’t Bring Me Down, Bruce has been played in … Continue reading Into the Desert With Derek Monypeny