Track-by-Track: Eli Winter

I finished writing this piece a few days ago before news of jaimie branch’s passing broke, and amidst the heartbreak, I keep thinking of her irrepressible, generous spirit. She always showed up. Listening to her irrepressible, searching runs on “Dayenu,” and thinking about where the title comes from (a Passover song) and what the word means – “it would have been enough” – it’s a … Continue reading Track-by-Track: Eli Winter

Through the Garden With Brett Naucke

Moving from Chicago to Asheville recently, Brett Naucke has big dreams for his garden. There’s a lot that can be done with houseplants and growing in containers, but wide-open spaces are the stuff dreams are made of. When I expressed interest in a series of interviews focusing less on artists’ music and more on, specifically, plants and gardens, Naucke’s name was the first one mentioned … Continue reading Through the Garden With Brett Naucke

Visions of Love: An Interview with Damiana

Natalie Chami (TALsounds) and Whitney Johnson (Matchess) have incredible solo discographies, but their collaborative project, Damiana, cuts its own diamond path. On their debut, Vines, the duo creates gentle soundscapes that carry serious emotional heft woven through the detailed, ephemeral sonic glass. Each careful listen reveals something new. It’s work that feels timeless and important.  Chami and Johnson answered some questions through July and August. Vines is available … Continue reading Visions of Love: An Interview with Damiana

Track Premiere: Brett Naucke “The Glass Shifting”

I’ve been an admirer of Brett Naucke’s work for well over a decade now and his growth as an artist and composer in that time has been incredible. On October 1st, he will release his latest, and his most ambitious, album Mirror Ensemble, on American Dreams. Naucke opens a wormhole to new sonic dimensions on “The Glass Shifting,” weightlessly gliding across electronic vistas. Initial arrangements for Mirror … Continue reading Track Premiere: Brett Naucke “The Glass Shifting”

Damiana “Vines”

Natalie Chami and Whitney Johnson joining forces on Damiana is a gift. The two Chicago artists hover in the same ether with similar, though still unique, approaches and the melding of their collective energy is spellbinding. Vines brings together sky-gazing synth arpeggios, viola dreams, and their twin voices into a femme-centered sonic glasshouse. Chami and Johnson intertwine, flourishing in the connective tissue of these four songs. Emotional … Continue reading Damiana “Vines”