Foxy Digitalis 2022 Favorites: zaké

Allow me to preface that I am not one to do ‘favorite’ or ‘end of year’ best of’ lists, mainly because my list would be never-ending, and I don’t like ranking things, especially when it comes to music, an artist’s most personal and vulnerable representation of their self. What I have prepared is a set of arrangements that I found myself playing on constant repeat. … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis 2022 Favorites: zaké

Track Premiere: Isaac Helsen “Burning House”

Coming off his exquisite collaborative album with zakè, beliefsystems, Isaac Helsen offers up a new, expansive landscape for listeners to explore with Burning House. Built on analog synths and field recordings, Burning House was conceived back in 2017 as Helsen began to explore connections between music and photography. The result is an album full of vivid aural imagery. “Burning House,” the opening piece on the album, is enveloping. Beautiful, … Continue reading Track Premiere: Isaac Helsen “Burning House”

Reflecting on Connection and Creation with marine eyes

When I first heard marine eyes this spring, I connected with the vibrant warmth that permeates her recordings. Her music opens up beautiful sonorous worlds where listeners can find respite, an aural cocoon drifting in space as the soothing tones wash through the air. On her debut, idyll, she created a beautiful aquatic ambient world imbued with emotional expression. Beyond her solo work, she is … Continue reading Reflecting on Connection and Creation with marine eyes

zakè & marine eyes “Unfailing Love”

Everything about this release feels like it was made just for me. From the gauzy synthetic airspace to the pink and green color palette of the cover, this album is how I think of myself. Tiny moments get stretched to infinity throughout Unfailing Love, adding weight to memories that may not immediately seem like pivotal turning points, but eventually rise to become shining monuments to who … Continue reading zakè & marine eyes “Unfailing Love”