Inside No. 9, Episode #1: Cracked Rock 1972 – 2021

Inside No. 9 is an attempt to share unique narratives through the mixing of 9 songs. Every episode will showcase a new theme, opening up new tributaries of discovery. Inside No. 9 is presented by Peter Taylor, a former features writer for Foxy Digitalis from back in the late 2000s. Peter is a visual artist and musician and has been creating music as MAbH since 2008. 

I have been collecting music for over 25 years. I am a huge advocate for supporting artists through buying music directly from them, or via independent distributors/music stores. All of the music I present on this channel is part of my personal collection and will (in most cases) be recorded directly from vinyl, cassette, or CD. I love nearly all types of music, but I have a particularly strong interest in outsiders, experimenters, and anything left-of-field. Over season one I will present to you a world of new, familiar and unusual sounds. I will present everything from Can to Crys Cole, Jim O’Rourke to Julius Eastman, and Mica Levi to My Cat is an Alien. I welcome you on this audio journey, and hope you enjoy listening to each installment as much as I do making them.

Episode One: Cracked Rock 1972 – 2021

This episode is dedicated to and kicks off with a track from Tom Smith who passed away this year. It’s a collection of artists who manage to subvert and manipulate the rock formula to bring their unique sound to the world. The mix includes some of my all-time favorite performers, including Mark E Smith, Keiji Haino, and the aforementioned Tom Smith. Each track triggered the next in my mind while I listened to the records spin. Things flowed even as they jumped across decades, continents, and genres. Noise rock meets Zamrock via funk and psychedelic turns. These are explosive works that transcend 50 years in nine moments from nine artists through one journey.

Song 1
To Live and Shave in LA
Mother after Silver Point

Song 2
The Fall
Hexen Definitive

Song 3

Song 4
Ngozi Family
I Wanna Know

Song 5
Les Rallizes Denudes
Deeper than the Night

Song 6
Cortigiana Dal Velo

Song 7
Keiji Haino / Jim O’Rourke / Oren Ambarchi
That “?” Squatting Proudly At The Edge Of Surface Tension Is It Perhaps A Mystery…?

Song 8
Sunburned Hand of the Man

Song 9
John Bender

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