Ancient Child: Hillbilly French #6

This week’s mix is dedicated to Belgium’s Sloow Tapes, one of the best labels to ever do it.

Ancient Child is also available on YouTube.

More info on the music played HERE.


The Beautiful Babes In Springtime Brainwave Band Featuring Earl Monster – We Lit Candles We Floated To Our Separate Rooms
Bul-Bul Tarang Gang – Invocation
Louise Landes Levi – Untitled
April In The Orange – When A River Meets The Sea
Louise Landes Levi – Jogiya
Peter Lamborn Wilson – Benares Ecologue
Wedrowiec – Zeglarcyzk / Young Seafarer
Village of Spaces Featuring The Coastal Connection Family Singers – Following The Sun
Planets Around The Sun – Sunshooter
Ralph White – The Happening
Razen – Red – Handed
Li Daiguo – God I See You Cannot Fit Inside A Church Or Book Or Word, You Cannot Fit Insider My Tiny Mind, You Cannot Hide Behind A Flag Or Cross Or Person, Even A Prophet With Magic Skills
Embryo – Untitled
Louise Landes Levi, Timo van Lujik, Bart De Paepe – Murmuring Amazon
Louise Landes Levi – Untitled

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