Ancient Child: Hillbilly French #11

This mix is dedicated to Garden Portal, a North Carolina label started in 2019 that released a wide variety of American folk music ranging from traditional to highly experimental. Garden Portal had a very consistent and cohesive vision with its releases, so that even disparate sounds made perfect sense together under the label’s general vibe, which was described as “Ambient Primitive”. As far as I am aware, Garden Portal went on an indefinite hiatus in 2021, but hopefully will return some day. In the meantime, please avail yourself to their digital discog on bandcamp –

Ancient Child is also available on YouTube.

More info on the music played HERE.


The High Sheriffs – Truth in Rambling -> Sarve Shaam
Joseph Allred – Song for the Rain
Will Csorba – Neadertails Side A
Dura – Persistence
Stefan Christensen – Loimaa IX
Alexander – a iii
Jon Collin – A3
Will Csorba – Requiem for Ociel Guadalupe Martinez
Peter Kris – A Village Called Pagat
Michael Potter and the Electric Nature – Trance ii
Magic Tuber Stringband – Angel of Death
Matt LaJoie – Traveling Waves of Distant Light
Magic Tuber Stringband – Externalities
Jeffrey Alexander-Reyes – Hazy Heads
Joseph Allred – Chimes and Basement Mass
The High Sherriffs – We Are Waiting for the Sun

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