Ancient Child: Hillbilly French #13

Ancient Child is also available on YouTube.

More info on the music played HERE.


Jana Winderen – The Wanderer
Ajilvsga – Clay of the Earth
Luli E Lucina – E Foi
William Henry Meung – Every Good Monster Deserves to Eat Fruit
C. Joynes – Nyambai Sawmill
Poor Farm – untitled iii
Alex MacFarlane – Club Hagibis
The Blithe Sons – Foam
Unknown Artists – Debus (Walantaka Village, Java)
Pit Piccinelli, Fred Gales, Walter Maioli – Amazonia 6891 Side A
Jacken Elswyth – Lost Gander
Ron Nagorka – Lovregana
Foresteppe – No Time to Hurry
Gnod – The Somnambulist’s Tale Pt. I

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