Ancient Child: Hillbilly French #19

Ancient Child is also available on YouTube.

More info on the music played HERE.

These things I would record:

               the drift of sand

at the edge of the sea’s eternal roar

where my dry hands impetuous for sound

                 unlock from keys

inventions from inventions of the world’s music

-Robert Duncan 

Track list:

Xiphiidae – Crystal Marvelous Fruit Side A
Dolphins Into the Future – Lone Voyager
CS + Kreme – Devotion
Jana Winderen – The Art of Listening Underwater
Melon Brains – Melon Brains Laserdisc Soundtrack Side B
Jurgen Muller – Jenseits Des Stromes
Lia de Itamarca – Falta De Silencio
Edward Flex Presents – Chrome Wave Arena
Stars of the Lid – Lactate’s Moment
Tabloid – A Place on Earth
Iguana Moonlight – I
Danpenka Sareta Yuujin – Temple
Masakatsu Takagi – Yamafuro
Hiroyuki Onogawa, Kenjiro Matsuo, Tenzan Utagaki – Promiser
Marc LeClair – 85e Jour
ancient child – Atlantic Ocean , 6:15AM, August 23rd
Ama Divers – aftermath
Mindspring Memories – Multi-Death Sense Orgab Defragmentation

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