Inside No. 9, Episode #22: Nostalgia for the Light/ Back to School – a double episode

Inside No. 9, Episode #22: Nostalgia for the Light/ Back to School – a double episode

This is a big and glorious episode containing 18 tracks and running at a solid two hours. This is a feature-length episode of goodies for you all before I return to higher education and take on an MA in Film as a 40-year-old. Wish me luck. This doesn’t mean I will be stopping IN9, but thought I’d celebrate this new chapter with a collection of music that has been dear to me in recent months. 

This episode contains more wonders from my favourite labels, including Shelter Press, Black Truffle, Chocolate Monk and Matière Mémoire. I have also selected a few works from labels new to me, including Burselm, Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere and Brachliegen Tapes. This mix also acts as a bit of a reflection of some of the best releases from 2023, as it includes many recent records, tapes and CDs. There are joints from old favourites including James Rushford, Alvin Curran, Valerio Tricoli and Chris Abrahams. I have also included artists who are new to me, such as, Fat Chance, Angela Wai Nok Hui and Carnivorous Plants. 

Delve into a mix of avant-garde musique concrete, DIY tape crud, minimalism and electro-acoustic wonders. I would call this a carnival of noise and feel it represents some of the best moments on sound design and sonic fuckery that recent years has given us. The music brings to mind visions from Blue Velvet to Fitzcarraldo. This is a swan song to a chapter of my life I am keen to leave behind. 

I hope you feel moved, bewildered and inspired by these eighteen nuggets of sonic exploration. I shall be listening to this mix as I read and write my essays. I hope this episode can be a soundtrack to whatever your creative endeavours may be.  

The episode is dedicated to the memory of Brian McBride, for whom I would not have discovered some of the greatest music out there. Forever a listener, I thank you.

Lesson One
Fiori Chiari Fiori Oscuri [edit]
Alvin Curran
Fiori Chiari Fiori Oscuri
LP on Black Truffle
2021 (1978)  

Lesson Two
Feau de Jolie
Mary Jane Leach
Woodwind Multiples 
LP on Modern Love

Lesson Three
James Rushford
Lake from the Louvers
LP on Shelter Press

Lesson Four
First Oberheim in Brooklyn #7
Charlemagne Palestine
THE GOD BEAR ARCHIVES I (unreleased tapes from the 70s and 80s)
Cassette on Matière Mémoire

Lesson Five
False Dawn
Fat Chace
Artificial Stupidity
CD on Test Recordings/ Chocolate Monk

Lesson Six
Giuseppe Ielasi
Down on Darkened Meetings
LP on Black Truffle

Lesson Seven
Pleasure Drive
Thomas LaRoche
Burselm Accomplice Vol. 2
CD on Burselm

Lesson Eight
Earth Household
The Hers
Tough Cunt
LP on Death is Not the End

Lesson Nine
Laugh Like Midwestern Wind Chimes
Ark Drane
Ark Drane
CD on Chocolate Monk

Lesson Ten
Live at Lafayette Anticipations 07 01 2023 [edit]
Pavel Milyakov
Live at Lafayette Anticipations 07 01 2023
Cassette on Firecamp

Lesson Eleven
Steel Foundry
Sacrifice Zones
Cassette on Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere

Lesson Twelve
Celestia (ft. Brian Allen Simon)
Chantal Michelle
Broken to Echoes
Cassette on Somewhere Press

Lesson Thirteen
Mimosa Hostilis [edit]
Valerio Tricoli
Say Goodbye To The Wind
CD on Shelter Press

Lesson Fourteen
Medina Vibrations
Tom White
Medina Vibrations
Cassette on Brachliegen Tapes

Lesson Fifteen
The Plum [edit]
Angela Wai Nok Hui
The Plum
Cassette on Weeding

Lesson Sixteen
The Stones Continued Intermittently
Chris Abrahams
Fluid to the Influence
LP on Room 40

Lesson Seventeen
Carnivorous Plants
Stretch Out Over An Empty Place And Hang The Earth Upon Nothing
Cassette on Liquid Library

Lesson Eighteen
Procession [edit]
Amber Meulenijzer
Saab Fanfare
Cassette on Edições Cn

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