Ancient Child: Hillbilly French #21

Ancient Child is also available on YouTube.

More info on the music played HERE.


Salmon Graveyard – Peak Bottom
Water Shrew Trio – Self-Titled Side B
Tete Espindola – Paisagem Fluvial
Francisco Lopez – #159
Daniel Bachman – Summer’s Fingers Sweetly Linger
Vox Populi – Gole Mariam
Cecil Taylor Segments II (Orchestra of Two Continents) – Cun-un-un-un-an
Gianfranco Piombo – Route des sources Side A
Mihály Halmágyi – Round Dance
Hollow Deck – Tallest Birch
Blood Sigil – Ritual Bluff
Talugung – Untitled
Ak’Chamel, The Giver of Illness – Hash
Dravier and Maya Lydia – Celest
Acid Twilight – Sun Rider Invocation
Wadada Leo Smith and Adam Rudolph – Love Rhythms, Heart Songs

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