Inside No. 9, Episode #23: A Predictable Defeat

Inside No. 9, Episode #23: A Predictable Defeat

Another month and another show. This month is a bit of a nostalgia trip but fueled by a lot of new music. I recently heard the new single “Defeat’ from Animal Collective. I put it on with little hope for anything good as I really haven’t connected with their sound since Merriweather Post Pavilion, and the last thing I truly loved was Panda Bear’s Person Pitch. Over a decade has passed since those magnificent records dropped. I was in love again. I then dug out some of my favourite records from that period including gems from Julian Lynch, Excavacations and Khonnor. And I had to make this show,

Khonnor’s record Handwriting was such a revelation at the time and I managed to find it on CD in my favouite record shop, Elephant Records, in Winchester for just £3! I lost my original copy years ago after lending it to a friend. It was a joyous occasion to get it back and listen again. This led me back to rekindling my love for records from the hugely underrated Excavacations (who produced the greatest cassette on the Stunned Records discography) and Julian Lynch. 

This month also saw the release of the latest Daniel Lopatin record. I had been a huge fan of Ford & Lopatin and have loved his soundtracks for films including one of my favourites, Uncut Gems. It was a joy to hear him still on form after not listening to his music for quite a while. I then thought of one of my favourite records from 2023 and 703863435’s recent LP had to make the mix. 

This episode fills me with hope and joy and that’s something that is rare these days. Every note from these tracks is gold dust, and shimmers with each new listen. I had to get Grouper and Bulbis on here too, just to find subtle moments to match the majesty of all the other movements. The one modern artist that captures all of these riches is More Eaze and I love everything they’ve done. She is a gifted light that shines bright and had to blaze towards the end of this episode. 

October is set to be a confusing and dark month for me so this mix will ensure I find light amongst the heavy dark clouds. There is still room for electronic-tinged indie music that offers a sense of wonder and emotional resonance. And these guys have it in spades. 

Candle One
Animal Collective
12” on Domino

Candle Two
Everytime/Square Heart
Neo Seven
LP on Blank Forms

Candle Three
Sine 1
Object Permanence
DL on Weird Forest

Candle Four
Julian Lynch
Orange You Glad
DL on Olde English Spelling Bee

Candle Five
A Barely Lit Path
Oneohtrix Point Never
LP on Warp Records

Candle Six
Megans Present
CD on Type

Candle Seven
Low Resolutions at Santikos
More Eaze
Strawberry Session
LP on Leaving Records

Candle Eight
Paradise Valley
7” on Yellowelectric
2023 print

Candle Nine
Wondrous yearning
DL on Bulblis

Inside No. 9 is an attempt to share unique narratives through the mixing of 9 songs. Every episode will showcase a new theme, opening up new tributaries of discovery. Inside No. 9 is presented by Peter Taylor, a former features writer for Foxy Digitalis from back in the late 2000s. Peter is a visual artist and musician and has been creating music as MAbH since 2008. 

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