Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #4: Eve Maret

Eve Maret’s sonic universes always surprise me. She fuses disparate threads from the cosmic layers and rhythms surrounding us, tying them together with expansive motifs. Her latest album, Earth and Space, is sonically rich and immersive and glides on emotional waves that saturate every chord progression and arpeggio. It’s a stunning, memorable record. Maret says this mix is a selection of songs that inspired Earth and Space and … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #4: Eve Maret

Track Premiere: Mat Muntz “Džig No. 1”

At the heart of Mat Muntz’s new album, Phantom Islands, is the idea of radical syncretism, music from everywhere and nowhere. “This is a “counterfeit folk dance” which I imagine to be from the phantom island of Satanazes, a nonexistent place off the coast of Iberia,” Muntz explains. Muntz and the stellar ensemble concoct imaginary sonic histories with echoes of early blues and early 60s free … Continue reading Track Premiere: Mat Muntz “Džig No. 1”

Video Premiere: Morgan Garrett “Fall & Walk”

Subterranean creep comes to life on the first slice of Morgan Garrett’s Extreme Fantasy, “Fall & Walk.” Dripping synthetic mercury decays in the resonant chasms beneath his desolate voice and skittering rhythmic chaos. He wails, “Figured: too much systems, thought it’d do right now,” before omnipresent guitar riffs burst through the wasted din, and everything goes into overdrive. Full-fueled beats blast open black holes into the … Continue reading Video Premiere: Morgan Garrett “Fall & Walk”

The 11th Hour, Episode #40: Malfunction

The 11th Hour is a podcast where two dudes in their 40s discuss a different Rancid song each week. They reflect on their lives, their (inexplicable) fandom, and why certain parts of our youth continue to hold meaning beyond simple nostalgia. Is it a midlife crisis or honest self-reflection? Join us on a journey to the end and find out. Follow along on Twitter or … Continue reading The 11th Hour, Episode #40: Malfunction

Video Premiere: Cruel Diagonals “Precipice”

The things Cruel Diagonals’ Megan Mitchell can do with her voice are unreal, and it’s everywhere on her forthcoming album, Fractured Whole. Looping patterns take sharp turns in the opening moments of “Precipice,” building into a cascading arrangement that’s mimicked in the video. Harsh signal interference glitches in and out of existence, as though someone is trying to send this message from another place and time. … Continue reading Video Premiere: Cruel Diagonals “Precipice”

The Capsule Garden Vol 2.3: February 2, 2023

It’s been a week of cold and ice in Tulsa, and we’re going on snow day number four. Everyone feels stir-crazy, so I’m surprised I pulled this column together this week. Still, with Bandcamp Friday looming, there was a pile of music I wanted to write about, so here we are. Speaking of Bandcamp Friday, The Jewel Garden is releasing Country Wifi’s debut, Smoked Bologna Blues. Country Wifi … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 2.3: February 2, 2023

Track Premiere: Night Plow “Amanda”

After they contributed to Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Guide to the Universe (by New Age Doom) and only spoke on the phone once, Tim Lefebvre and Gregory Macdonald started a new collaborative project. With Lefebvre improvising beats and basslines in his studio, Macdonald took those pieces and molded them into tracks. The result is one hell of a trip.  Terminal grooves shed their gritty sheen where the muffled … Continue reading Track Premiere: Night Plow “Amanda”

A Vast Universe of Possibility With Zakè

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon or subscribe to The Jewel Garden. Over the last decade, it’s difficult to overstate Zakè’s (aka Zach Frizzell) impact on ambient and drone music. Whether it’s his solo work, collaborations, or the mountain of beautiful releases on Past Inside the Present, there’s always something elegant and considered coming through. His work is … Continue reading A Vast Universe of Possibility With Zakè

Track Premiere: Andy Loebs “Trolley Portal”

“Trolley Portal” tiptoes in at lightspeed before a quick pause, then jettisons into a bright, mythical universe. Andy Loebs creates their own narrative map that sparks from countless perspectives, leading to this joyful spread of intersecting sonic matrices. Bass slaps dance atop swirling pulses, all of which send askew looks at the cut-and-scrape sax samples and high-pitched repetitive leads. Shimmering synth waves wash through in … Continue reading Track Premiere: Andy Loebs “Trolley Portal”

Video Premiere: Mol Sullivan “Bury the Hatchet”

Mol Sullivan isn’t going to let us off the hook. “Bury the Hatchet” is an earworm built around unexpected structures and inventive pop-infused melodies. The Cincinnati-based songwriter’s new EP, A Little Hello, took a circuitous path through struggle and recovery to find its footing in a space where hard questions don’t get buried, and her voice is ready to, as she puts it, “howl a bit.”  … Continue reading Video Premiere: Mol Sullivan “Bury the Hatchet”