Equipment Pointed Ankh “Without Human Permission”

Louisville has got to be, still, one of the most underappreciated hotspots for experimental music in the country. Equipment Pointed Ankh has been concocting a whole planet of sonic weirdness for a while now, but none of that prepared me for the kaleidoscopic acid carnival of Without Human Permission. This record is such an amazing trip. With Astral Spirits’ sister label, Astral Editions, there’s no real … Continue reading Equipment Pointed Ankh “Without Human Permission”

Byron Westbrook’s Eclipsed View

It’s been a banner year for Byron Westbrook. Hands in the Dark released his evocative album, Distortion Hue, to start the year and it set the standard. His most recent album, Mirror View, comes via Ash International and is a surprise departure that pays off. Utilizing field recordings, sound installation works, and other sonic elements, Westbrook offers an engaging look into subtle environments with beautiful phrasing and … Continue reading Byron Westbrook’s Eclipsed View

Midori Hirano “Soniscope”

Midori Hirano’s music creates vast sonic expanses from small emotions. Her work distills entire narratives through careful sound design and gentle nudges into bite-size ambiance. With Soniscope, Hirano weaves twisting paths out of thin air, turning beautiful atmospheres laden with piano, harp, electronics, and other devices into piles of silver dust. From the opening notes of “Missing Night” to the last breath of “White Sand,” Soniscope is magical. … Continue reading Midori Hirano “Soniscope”

Starbirthed “Reflections of the Samith”

Whenever there’s a new Starbirthed album, the world should rejoice. The duo of Ash Brooks and Matt LaJoie tap into some seriously ethereal waves on Reflections of the Samith, drifting in and out of space like beings of light. Across 41 minutes, Brooks and LaJoie levitate sonic ephemera, bending these extraterrestrial missives into the sound of a new dawn. Brooks billowing synths are like a soft … Continue reading Starbirthed “Reflections of the Samith”

Video Premiere: Better Than Invisible

Better Than Invisible is the new split LP from Benjamin David Felton and The Paul Swest on Modern Meanlingless Records. Besides making me laugh, this video is a perfect teaser for this excellent album. The Paul Swest’s skronking good time, “It Major Ice I Saying,” has an oddly controlled sonic spasticity I find exciting. It’s like being inside with all the turning gears and gizmos … Continue reading Video Premiere: Better Than Invisible

Luke Stewart “Works For Electric Bass Guitar”

There’s not much out there like Luke Stewart’s solo works for electric bass. This new joint for Tripticks Tapes (who are having an unbelievalbe run right now) is a one-take, surprisingly meditative excursion where the technique develops a range of alien sonics that, at times, barely sound like bass at all.  Not everything on Works For Electic Bass Guitar is pensive, sometimes it downright cryptic. … Continue reading Luke Stewart “Works For Electric Bass Guitar”

Jeremiah M. Carter & Chelsea Bridge “Of Babel”

Stretching through the haze of daybreak, the new collaborative album from Jeremiah M. Carter and Chelsea Bridge, The Way It Pours Into Itself, breathes in the dissonance only to find beauty in exhalation. Album closer, “Of Babel,” is a winding tapestry of spectral drones and spiraling string incantations, illuminated like the final moments of a dream. Bridge’s ethereally processed voice is a knife through the middle … Continue reading Jeremiah M. Carter & Chelsea Bridge “Of Babel”

Postcard Static: An Interview With No Translation

Emma Palm’s No Translation project first came across my radar thanks to Matthew Sage’s fantastic longform streaming series last summer. Her performance was captivating in its gentleness and vulnerability. After that, I began digging into her work on Bandcamp and immediately purchased her first Music For Postcards release. The visual element to her work is striking in a different way, the color palettes and imagery less subdued … Continue reading Postcard Static: An Interview With No Translation

Video Premiere: SiP “Indialantic Book I”

I’ve listened to SiP’s stellar album on Not Not Fun last year, Leos Naturals, so many times I’ve lost count. Jimmy Lacy has an uncanny ability to write songs that float effervescently through time as if they were beamed in from another dimension. “Indialantic Book I” comes from the fantastic Moon Glyph compilation, Amethyst. Lacy ventures into new pastures on “Indialantic Book I,” exploring a more acoustic palette … Continue reading Video Premiere: SiP “Indialantic Book I”

Will Guthrie “People Pleaser Pt. II”

Will Guthrie’s first People Pleaser album has been a staple the last few years. I am always interested in hearing artists in unexpected contexts and Guthrie, in exploring new paths, showed incredibly versatility and opened new possibilities at the same time. So, a new entry in this still unfolding, strange and interesting series is welcome news. Happily, People Pleaser Pt. II doesn’t disappoint. It’s even … Continue reading Will Guthrie “People Pleaser Pt. II”