Biliana Voutchkova “Seeds of Songs”

Purchase directly from Takuroku Cafe OTO’s Takuroku label has released some of the most interesting and challenging sounds during the last year and this recent entry from Biliana Voutchkova certainly pushes listeners to focus. Seeds of Songs is a collection of disparate sounds and emotional vignettes tied together by a common desire of forbidden expression and deep emotion. Frantic moments sit next to solemn, quiet passages, each … Continue reading Biliana Voutchkova “Seeds of Songs”

residual energy boss “the star gazer”

I’ve been loving the pieces residual energy boss has released over the past year, starting with the lovely i talk to myself. His work is continually evolving, exploring new spaces, and building sonic worlds that take me into unexpected places. On his latest, the star gazer, the cosmos are drifting apart and the simultaneous beauty and horror of the cracks in the sky come into focus.  The … Continue reading residual energy boss “the star gazer”

Moor Mother “Zami”

Blown-out bass snarl burns like a massive fuse beneath Moor Mother’s new track, “Zami,” while she spits napalm-laced truths over graveyard rhythms. “Yeah, I’m being erased. And you don’t fucking care. And you was never there,” smashes through walls, the heavy distortion glowing electric. Translucent keys flicker through melancholy scales, trying like all hell to add points of light to the solid darkness, but the … Continue reading Moor Mother “Zami”

Video Premiere: Celer “Melancholy Movement”

Will Long’s Celer project has spanned decades even if the timelessness and scope of his work make it feel like millennia. Layers that tap into singular emotions, spread across infinite worlds of sound opening up new worlds and fresh pathways where belief and forgiveness run rampant. On “Melancholy Movement,” from his forthcoming album, In Light of Blues on Room 40, Long uses memory to transform into new forms. … Continue reading Video Premiere: Celer “Melancholy Movement”

The Repository #10: A multi-part one question interview w/ Blevin Blectum

Originally published in 2005, Michael Kaufmann (formerly of Asthmatic Kitty Records) did a mini-series of one-question interviews, one of which was with Blevin Blectum. With the reemergence of the mighty Blectum From Blechdom, who have a new album, Deep Bone, coming in July on Deathbomb Arc, it seemed like a good time to get this fun piece back into the world. Wait a minute…Don’t they … Continue reading The Repository #10: A multi-part one question interview w/ Blevin Blectum

Body Breaks “Bad Trouble”

One of the first things that comes to mind in the opening, odd-shaped song, “Between the Heart and the Mind” is Ponytail. Body Breaks and Ponytail don’t sound much alike beyond the strange tunings, but the exuberant, infectious energy that permeates every song on Bad Trouble fills a void that Ponytail left. This distant-duo of Matt LeGroulx and Julie Reich creates a sonic world that zigzags through … Continue reading Body Breaks “Bad Trouble”

Hassan Wargui “Tiddukla”

As soon as I see “banjo music from Morocco,” I’m paying attention. Hassan Wargui hails from Issefan, a rural community in the Anti-Atlas Mountains of Southern Morocco and his banjo-led compositions are eye-opening. Tiddukla, newly reissued by Hive Mind, was originally recorded in 2015 and released through YouTube due to the lack of any kind of music infrastructure in Morocco. Wargui infuses his Amazigh (Berber) heritage … Continue reading Hassan Wargui “Tiddukla”

Andrew Tuttle and Padang Food Tigers “A Cassowary Apart”

Blissful and earthy ambience wraps itself in circles in the opening moments of this lovely collaboration between Padang Food Tigers and Andrew Tuttle. It’s impressive how seamlessly Tuttle fits into the Padang Food Tigers landscape as if he’d always been a part of the band. Throughout A Cassowary Apart, lush, elegiac sound worlds are kissed by sunlight and stretch to the horizon and beyond. Opulent … Continue reading Andrew Tuttle and Padang Food Tigers “A Cassowary Apart”

Let’s Get Stoned Together: Premiere & Interview w/ Jeffrey Silverstein

If there was ever an album that was ripe for a stellar tribute, it was Ted Lucas’s magical self-titled record. Portland, Oregon songwriter Jeffrey Silverstein was asked by Perpetual Doom to head up the project the label couldn’t have made a better choice. Silverstein, whose own solo work is quite wonderful itself, brought together a diverse array of artists to keep the spirit of Lucas’s … Continue reading Let’s Get Stoned Together: Premiere & Interview w/ Jeffrey Silverstein

Susan Alcorn, Leila Bordreuil, Ingrid Laubrock “Bird Meets Wire”

I am constantly bowled over by the depth and breadth of Susan Alcorn’s work. Working with cellist Leila Bordreuil and saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock on Bird Meets Wire, interesting and exciting new avenues are unlocked and explored. The trio’s music is, at times, discordant like a shock to the system. These often revelatory tonal combinations grow into distinct worlds where anything seems possible, yet everything is slightly … Continue reading Susan Alcorn, Leila Bordreuil, Ingrid Laubrock “Bird Meets Wire”