The Capsule Garden Vol 1.39: November 18, 2022

It snowed last night. Foxy Digitalis will be off next week. Use code ‘snow’ for 25% off anything at The Jewel Garden through the end of the month.  Patrick Shiroishi Evergreen (Touch) One of the most unstoppable forces in music shows a new side. Evergreen has its roots in Shiroishi’s visits to Evergreen Cemetary in Los Angeles, where many of his family members are buried. Field recordings made on … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 1.39: November 18, 2022

The 11th Hour, Episode #29: Young Al Capone

The 11th Hour is a podcast where two dudes in their 40s discuss a different Rancid song each week. They reflect on their lives, their (inexplicable) fandom, and why certain parts of our youth continue to hold meaning beyond simple nostalgia. Is it a midlife crisis or honest self-reflection? Join us on a journey to the end and find out. Follow along on Twitter or Instagram and find The 11th … Continue reading The 11th Hour, Episode #29: Young Al Capone

Video Premiere: Gene Tripp “Dreams, Trains…”

Gene Tripp gives voice to the void. Crushing distortion hollows out the bedrock holding up our forward progress, collapsing any notion of pretense in a squall of thick basslines and straightforward vocal melodies. As the alter ego of artist and composer Jay Hufman, Gene Tripp is a laser-focused melancholy filtered through a meat grinder. As the song plods along, synth leads light dramatic sonic fires … Continue reading Video Premiere: Gene Tripp “Dreams, Trains…”

Track-by-Track: Sinemis’s “Dua”

Sinemis is the new moniker from Circassian-Turkish producer Sine Buyuka, and her debut, Dua, is a wonder. Fusing disparate styles in surprising yet seamless ways and imbuing each passage with a wealth of emotion opens an immersive, transportive world. Buyuka channels the fraught unknown of experiencing and recovering from a life-threatening illness into every facet of Dua. It’s a moving, often intense listening experience that rewards repeated … Continue reading Track-by-Track: Sinemis’s “Dua”

Track Premiere: Lea Bertucci & Ben Vida “Tulsa”

Lea Bertucci is always pursuing interesting, inventive projects, and her latest, Xtended Vox, continues that course. This compilation of experimental voice-based works features Cansu Tanrikulu, a three-part piece by Audrey Chen and Phil Minton, and the latest from Bertucci’s ongoing collaboration with Ben Vida called “Tulsa.” Murmurs and whispers flicker in pointillist patterns before being swept up in a wash of tape manipulation and saxophone traces. … Continue reading Track Premiere: Lea Bertucci & Ben Vida “Tulsa”

The Music of Norm Chambers

It’s been over two weeks since Norm Chambers left this terrestrial plane, and he and his music continue to be front of mind. Putting this mix together, I was continually gobsmacked at just how incredible Norm’s work is. I mean, it’s something I knew, but it had been years since I’d listened so intently (and intensely) to this much of it at one time. I remain … Continue reading The Music of Norm Chambers

Video Premiere: Adrian Knight “Carousel of Time”

The night is young, prehistoric perhaps, on Adrian Knight’s latest, “Carousel of Time.” Inside the warm atavistic glow of late-night TV noise and faded neon, silhouetted arrangements take shape and hone our focus. Sunkissed guitar melodies bounce off synth beds flowing in arctic circles, all of which is a blanket wrapped around Knight’s infectious vocal lines. Alice Cohen’s whimsically psychedelic video highlights the familiar sheen … Continue reading Video Premiere: Adrian Knight “Carousel of Time”

Track Premiere: Black Ox Orkestar “Viderkol (Echo)”

Just because a world is haunted doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful and inviting. The legendary Black Ox Orkestar’s return in 2022 is an unexpected gift. Few groups can hold so many disparate feelings and ideas together in the same breath, but the stunning “Viderkol (Echo)” occupies this impossible space. Black Ox Orkestar’s boundary-pushing exploration of Jewish folk music sounds forward-thinking while simultaneously simmering inside a … Continue reading Track Premiere: Black Ox Orkestar “Viderkol (Echo)”

Video Premiere: Biliana Voutchkova + Tomeka Reid “Bricolage III”

For those who have missed it, Biliana Voutchkova’s series of duo releases on Relative Pitch this year have all been eye-opening and worth investigating. The latest, with Tomeka Reid, though, ups the ante. Voutchkova’s approach to the violin is equal parts ecstatic and visceral. On Bricolage III, moments of surprising, elastic beauty intersect with inquisitive sonic threads stretched until they’re about to break. Joined by the … Continue reading Video Premiere: Biliana Voutchkova + Tomeka Reid “Bricolage III”

Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #59: K7 Municipal

Brazil’s Municipal K7 label has been a new favorite in 2022. The label, in operation since 2020, only came across my radar this summer due to Fantasma do Cerrado’s incredible Mapeamento de Terras a Noroeste de S​ã​o Paulo de Piratininga. Further explorations revealed a label with a unique, discernible approach that hasn’t missed. I reached out to Rafael Stan Molina, who co-runs the label with Mario … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #59: K7 Municipal