Me Lost Me “The Circle Dance” Remix EP

A remix companion record should be a mandatory requirement for all releases. As a further perspective on the artist’s tastes / state of mind and as an introduction to new artists, the remix collection can be a noteworthy take-off point from an artist’s original statement. This remix EP is the result of several hand-picked, restrictionless invitations to four of Me Lost Me’s (Jayne Dent) electronic … Continue reading Me Lost Me “The Circle Dance” Remix EP

All The Heavens Were A Bell “Still Black Water As Deep As Forever”

There was no fucking about when it came to this duo naming this band, song titles, and album. A new project from Esme Louise Newman aka Penance Stare, and Panurus Productions label head James Watts, this three track demo release is a live-to-tape drone doom noise crossbreed. Blackened, but not cliché blackened, and Doom but without actual legs-akimbo riffs, “Still Black Water As Deep As … Continue reading All The Heavens Were A Bell “Still Black Water As Deep As Forever”

Charlotte Roe “Words Out Of Words”

Primarily a digital artist, Huddersfield-based Charlotte Roe’s Words Out Of Words release is an oblique and entertaining portion of musical abstraction. Based on the artist’s coding / generative portfolio, and experimental works found online, it’s likely that there’s a pretty fascinating ‘how’ story about how the tracks here came to be created. While it’d be interesting to find out whether it’s the result of a complicated process … Continue reading Charlotte Roe “Words Out Of Words”

Constance / Nyoukis “?????”

Another semi-solid something-or-other in the stream of Chocolate Monk releases, this is a double solo header of electronics and voice from label heads Karen Constance and Dylan Nyoukis, with a typically atypical closing number. Karen’s 14-minute piece is mostly electronics, taking on an elongated toothpaste worm form of modular sounds and improvised half melodic notions. From a tentative start, it quickly blossoms from an ambient … Continue reading Constance / Nyoukis “?????”

Culver & Xazzaz “Skeleton Lake”

PURCHASE HERE Cassette label Invisible City Records plays host to what might well be Culver and Xazzaz’s fourth full-length collaboration. It’s a ‘might’ because both these UK drone/noise artists’ discographies are so devotedly analog, with little to zero online presence. On this latest joint effort, 70s / 80s Horror soundtrack aesthetics are the order of the day over both sides of Skeleton Lake, consisting of two … Continue reading Culver & Xazzaz “Skeleton Lake”

Me Lost Me “The Circle Dance”

Written and produced during an artist residency in the North East of England, The Circle Dance sees Me Lost Me aka Jayne Dent continuing to stretch her fingers out into nature, future and place. A sense of immersion into curated environments is quickly established across the EP’s five songs, the record immediately placing the listener in Dent’s headphones / headspace on a shingle-washed beach as she moves … Continue reading Me Lost Me “The Circle Dance”

Sana Shenai “Warm Former”

Track titles for improvisatory music are very often weird, often obscure, or often arbitrary, and most annoyingly seek to impose form on the formless. Rarely do they match the sound as perfectly as Warm Former’s opener “Lemonlark Meadows”. Splooging out a selection of sharp citrusy tones into a buoyant display of sweet bleep heaven and loops from the Land of Ooo, this LA duo plays … Continue reading Sana Shenai “Warm Former”

JK Flesh “New Religions Old Rules”

Even though Justin Broadrick has been using the JK Flesh alias for about a decade or so, it’s an unfortunate given that he’ll always be better known as the Godflesh guy. Obsessively prolific under many monikers, JK Flesh has been the strain of thought he’s used for electronic influences, and here he’s creating music that simultaneously furrowed brows and nods heads in strobe lit rooms.  … Continue reading JK Flesh “New Religions Old Rules”

Parker Sprout “Milk in the Sun”

Milk in the Sun is an odd choice for the title of a record as sun-dappled and scrappily appealing as this. Pitched more as psychedelic indie pop, and out on the well-respected psych label Moon Glyph, Milk in the Sun is more in the vein of a slightly buzzed c86 color scheme and some of that sound’s classic participants. Opener “Peace and Love” initially wrongfoots the record, a … Continue reading Parker Sprout “Milk in the Sun”