Katia Krow “The Observer of the Idle Spectacle”

With his first release since January 2021’s incredibly titled debut long-player, I’ve Called Off The Search, I Know Exactly Where You Are, Katia Krow (aka Dubai resident Odi Suood) offers a further soundscape dispatch from the event horizon. At only 22 minutes long, for a noise/drone hybrid release, this is super respectful of the listener’s time and ends up sacrificing nothing little to atmosphere or world-building … Continue reading Katia Krow “The Observer of the Idle Spectacle”

Marjorie “Doesn’t Exist”

Doesn’t Exist is hazy lounge music played in a basement club, except the club is actually a NY apartment bedroom lit by a Tracey Emin neon ‘question’ art piece – and it’s one of those bleak rhetorical questions about love. Oh, and someone may have smoked a bit of weed in there, about five minutes or so ago – so things are kind of fuzzy around … Continue reading Marjorie “Doesn’t Exist”

Bliss Fields “Slowly, Forever”

With the regular shoegaze revival cycle now firmly a part of the mainstream music’s calendar, the genre’s hallmarks are about as well known as any of rock’s subcultures. This debut LP by young Toronto act Bliss Fields, Slowly, Forever, sees the band working with a palette of the archetypical 90s shoegaze forms and creating a snapshot of the sound at its most vivid. Sounding like … Continue reading Bliss Fields “Slowly, Forever”