Erasers “Distance”

At only six tracks and thirty minutes long, Erasers latest release, Distance, has the impressive feel of something altogether much more gatefold length. Simultaneously seeming like it’s being broadcast from the flight of something delicately insectoid that’s pulling back to see the wide shot and still sounding like it’s being played by a selection of the chunkiest synths from the crustiest manual, Distance is the duo’s continuing kosmische story. Rhythmically somewhere between delicate motorik and far too slow disco, the album keeps the head nod just above walking pace.

Standout “In Shadow” is icy pop in the partially frozen liquid vein of “Another Green World.” “Distance,” the song, sits in an odd space; a title track that represents such a widescreen collection that comes in at under two minutes. An elegiac beacon-style instrumental that could have gone full-blown epic but instead chooses to float briefly through the interzone.

Across the rest of the record, there are leans into post punk, 4AD guitar dissonance, Nico meets John Carpenter, and luminous gloom; it’s a record with a distinct sound but many refracting surfaces.

Erasers have taken their huge granite headstone influences and carved smaller poppier pieces with them. Distance is a hybrid of pop sensibility and colder influences that move forward with the sway of some kind of monochromatic procession.

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