Yumi Iwaki & Carlos Ferreira “Tenderness”

Using unreleased snippets of each other’s work, the duo of Brazilian experimental artist Carlos Ferreira and Tokyo-based synth composer Yumi Iwaki have collaborated to form an immersive nine-track whole.

An exploration of both the abstract and more formed territories of ambient, the introductory “Inside the Rain” sets the scene with super rich stasis sounds swirling over metallic brass and reverberating arpeggiated shudders; pure Deckard / Batty. “Things That Happened” leans into the soundscape influence but twists it with the use of Orb-y moments in the near foreground, briefly shifting in and out of focus and a splattered clanking rhythm. The shifting weather of casual elements becomes a gentle journey around a swirling headspace – the repetition of elements cycling back around to remind the listener that they were ever real in the first place.

It’s not until midway that we get near the record’s only real dalliance with a pop structure. Even then, the too-brief “Tactile Memories” rhythm is only a cyclic skeleton of melodic, blunt kalimba. The record leans into the more sensual and softer side of the ambient spectrum, from the smeared skies of Springtime of Bespin on “Silent Canvas” through to the cartoon carnation color scheme of “Jiji’s adventure” which quickly burbles by seeming briefer than its three minutes.

A series of grey and pastel moods, Tenderness is a series of satellite signals, guitar tones, and overlapping gauzy swoons. Moments of smeared color washed in and out of focus by a digital rain.

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