The Electric Rubicon #1: Abdul Wadud

The Electric Rubicon is a project I’ve been thinking about for a while now, but it was only in the last few months that I got a clearer picture of how I wanted to pull it together. Basically this is going to be a regular (my goal is once-per-month!) show where each episode is focused on a single band, artist, or label and I spend some time digging into their history and importance and, more generally, what it is that makes them special. The main thing, though, is an excuse to pull out some killer tunes that most people have never heard, or at least haven’t heard in a while. Continue reading The Electric Rubicon #1: Abdul Wadud

Michael Gregory Jackson “Frequency Equilibrium Koan”

I readily admit that I’m still relatively out of the loop these days, but what seems like a recentish trend of all these past jazz sessions showing up on Bandcamp is awesome. Like last week’s Roberto Miranda [finish], Michael Gregory Jackson’s Frequency Equilibrium Koan is an absolute joy and hearing this document of a particular place during a particular time is like time traveling. I … Continue reading Michael Gregory Jackson “Frequency Equilibrium Koan”