The Electric Rubicon #1: Abdul Wadud

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The Electric Rubicon is a project I’ve been thinking about for a while now, but it was only in the last few months that I got a clearer picture of how I wanted to pull it together. Basically this is going to be a regular (my goal is once-per-month!) show where each episode is focused on a single band, artist, or label and I spend some time digging into their history and importance and, more generally, what it is that makes them special. The main thing, though, is an excuse to pull out some killer tunes that most people have never heard, or at least haven’t heard in a while.

This first episode focuses on cellist, Abdul Wadud, who I’ve long admired and recently has been someone I’ve listened to a lot. For even more on Wadud, check out this fantastic interview with him by Tomeka Reid and Joel Wanek.

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Julius Hemphill “Hard Blues” (excerpt)
Black Unity Trio “Birth, Life, and Death”
Abdul Wadud “Oasis”
Frank Lowe “Fresh”
George Lewis “Monads”
Abdul Wadud “Kaleidoscope” (behind)
The Muhal Richard Abrams Orchestra “Heart is Love and i Am
Arthur Blythe “Light Blue”
Arthur Blythe “Bush Baby”
James Newton & Abdul Wadud live improvisation (behind)
Anthony Davis, James Newton, and Abdul Wadud “After You Said Yes”
The String Suite “One World in Three”
Charles Bobo Shaw & The Human Arts Ensemble “Concrete Ntasiah”
Leroy Jenkins and Abdul Wadud “Free At Last (excerpt)” (behind)
Julius Hemphill “Long Rhythm”
Julius Hemphill and Abdul Wadud “For Billie” (behind)
Julius Hemphill “Dogon A.D.”
Julius Hemphill and Abdul Wadud “Me and Wadud pt. 2”
Julius Hemphill Quartet “Body” (behind)
Abdul Wadud “Camille”

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