Alarm Will Sound & Tyshawn Sorey “For George Lewis | Autoschediasms”

At a certain point in Tyshawn Sorey’s arresting composition for one of his mentors, the inimitable George Lewis, a shift happens. Across 53 minutes, Sorey creates motionless forward momentum. Notes are stretched near the breaking point and then stretched further. Discordant harmonies broaden the view, pushing the focus across through a needlepoint as the stellar Alarm Will Sound press on under Sorey’s guidance. The movement … Continue reading Alarm Will Sound & Tyshawn Sorey “For George Lewis | Autoschediasms”

The Electric Rubicon #1: Abdul Wadud

The Electric Rubicon is a project I’ve been thinking about for a while now, but it was only in the last few months that I got a clearer picture of how I wanted to pull it together. Basically this is going to be a regular (my goal is once-per-month!) show where each episode is focused on a single band, artist, or label and I spend some time digging into their history and importance and, more generally, what it is that makes them special. The main thing, though, is an excuse to pull out some killer tunes that most people have never heard, or at least haven’t heard in a while. Continue reading The Electric Rubicon #1: Abdul Wadud

George Lewis “The Recombinant Trilogy”

There are two lenses to hear The Recombinant Trilogy through, though the conclusion for both is the same. Conceptually, these compositions are a rich, exploratory world combining acoustic sound and technology in new and interesting ways. Musically the pieces scale mountains and demolish universes into stardust as they scatter across the sonic landscape. Through a minimalist approach, George Lewis creates immersive works that build and … Continue reading George Lewis “The Recombinant Trilogy”