Wind Tide “Saturation Dust”

Soft breezes can be deceiving, shrouding a sea of intricate shapes beneath a swirling cloud. It’s easy to get lost in the cool movements. Wind Tide, the duo of Gretchen Korsmo and Andrew Weathers, are wandering on their latest album, the weightless Saturation Dust. Eyes closed, drifting through aqueous plains, the world within Saturation Dust is lush and inviting. There’s a sense of peering into a crystal clear … Continue reading Wind Tide “Saturation Dust”

Nathan McLaughlin and Andrew Weathers “Mecury”

On the latest installment of Nathan McLaughlin’s wonderful Planets series, he brings Andrew Weathers into the fold. The two compositions on Mercury are lithe and free, existing mostly in the ephemeral sense even if they leave a silver dusting across your skin. “I” pairs McLaughlin’s unhurried guitar plucks with Weather’s droning, solemn mountain dulcimer tones and august tape reels. The piece is timeless. With “II,” the duo continues the … Continue reading Nathan McLaughlin and Andrew Weathers “Mecury”