Wind Tide “Saturation Dust”

Soft breezes can be deceiving, shrouding a sea of intricate shapes beneath a swirling cloud. It’s easy to get lost in the cool movements. Wind Tide, the duo of Gretchen Korsmo and Andrew Weathers, are wandering on their latest album, the weightless Saturation Dust. Eyes closed, drifting through aqueous plains, the world within Saturation Dust is lush and inviting. There’s a sense of peering into a crystal clear lake and seeing a bustling civilization deep below the surface, obscured by gentle waves, but entrancing all the same.

“Honey Fllux” opens the doors to this pastoral environment with ringing, repetitive melodies and music box shrines. The high-frequency resonance dances delicately across slow-moving ambient swells, like bits of starlight reflecting on the ocean at night. Movement is central here, even if there’s no real desire to actually go anywhere. Suspended animations expand downward on “Green Float,” dripping blissfully from moss-filled crevices. Piano loops carry across rolling fields, searching for the welcoming synthscapes waiting beneath the waves. 

Korsmo and Weathers have such a light touch that this music is effervescent, carried by tiny bubbles and adrift like dandelion fluff on the jetstream to sprout new worlds in distant locales. Silver tendrils crawl through glassine tunnels on “Turritella” as Korsmo’s voice hovers. Even in the densest moments, Saturation Dust hangs with gossamer threads, graceful in its movements and bursting with a luminous euphoria. Each subsequent listen has me further clamoring to join the mazelike aural excursion. 

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