Harps & Locomotives: An Interview With Ann Eysermans

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. A month or so after hearing Ann Eysermans’ magnificent album For Trainspotters Only for the first time, I am still totally enthralled by its sonic combinations and emotive strength. Beyond her skill as a musician and composer, Eysermans interest in trains is a central component of this album. It’s an unlikely combination … Continue reading Harps & Locomotives: An Interview With Ann Eysermans

Ann Eysermans “For Trainspotters Only”

Each passage on Ann Eyserman’s beguiling and transformative debut album, For Trainspotters Only, is a reminder that all sound is just vibrations, and no matter the timbre or cadence, on some base level, they are drawn together with an elemental affinity. Eyserman’s combination of harp and train recordings seems contradictory on the surface, but in the opening minutes of “Prelude For Four Diesel Locomotives And Harp,” … Continue reading Ann Eysermans “For Trainspotters Only”