Track Premiere: Ann Eysermans “PUMST”

Ann Eysermans’ last album on cortizona, For Trainspotters Only, was an incredible feat. For her latest, Moonlight Shadoh, she moves on from trains as inspiration to create something more intimate, a tribute to her dog Shadoh. When “PUMST” opens with an amalgamation of dark textures and harsh, wistful melodies, we’re whisked into a world of dancing sonic silhouettes. Grating drones give way to frenetic rhythms and lithe electronics as the aural sea parts for Eysermans’ voice to glide down to the surface. A sharp timbre slices through – evocative of the sound of a train screeching to a halt – before the clouds fully part to reveal the midnight pop prism smiling underneath. “PUMST” is a journey, fully accented by Shadoh’s echoing bark, pulling us further into this beguiling sound world.

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