The Electric Rubicon #4: Hiroyuki Usui

In this episode, the podcast shifts to a new, more concise format as I explore the history and music of Hiroyuki Usui. Usui was an early member of Fushitsusha (with Keiji Haino), Ghost, Marble Sheep, and others. Usui probably isn’t a household name for most listeners, but you can be sure he’s been a pivotal undercurrent in the Japanese experimental underground for almost 50 years. Hiroyuki … Continue reading The Electric Rubicon #4: Hiroyuki Usui

New Bums “Last Time I Saw Grace”

When the first jangly notes rang out and Donovon Quinn started singing on “Billy, God Damn,” it was like an old friend stopping by to say hello. So much about the exquisitely languid Last Time I Saw Grace is expertly crafted, written and constructed with such care that it becomes a world unto itself. “…the haze on the lights that leads us up and up … Continue reading New Bums “Last Time I Saw Grace”