The Electric Rubicon #4: Hiroyuki Usui

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In this episode, the podcast shifts to a new, more concise format as I explore the history and music of Hiroyuki Usui. Usui was an early member of Fushitsusha (with Keiji Haino), Ghost, Marble Sheep, and others. Usui probably isn’t a household name for most listeners, but you can be sure he’s been a pivotal undercurrent in the Japanese experimental underground for almost 50 years.

Hiroyuki released a two-disc anthology set via Bandcamp earlier this year that I can’t recommend enough. Get that HERE. His two album’s on VHF are also available via Bandcamp: L’s Holy Letters and H. Usui Sings the Blues.

Tracklist (all excerpts):
L “Troll”
Kaoru Abe & Sabu Toyozumi “Song for Sakamoto Kikuyo – Part III”
Vibration Society – Live in 1978 (w/ Keiji Haino)
Fushitsusha – Live at Hosei University Practice Room – December 12, 1981
Ghost “Awake In a Muddle”
L “Holy Letter”
L “Vigil”
H. Usui “World
August Born “Providence”
Azul “Ocean”

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One thought on “The Electric Rubicon #4: Hiroyuki Usui

  1. Perfect timing, for Hiroyuki Usui just released NYP (name your price) demos on Bandcamp ( May 1st, 2022 ).. His music is amazing in its soulful depth & beauty; & his _Anthology_ he’s basically giving away is a perfect introduction. Outtakes from his August Born collaboration with Ben Chasny is featured on his _Anthology_ , as well.
    I hope Hiroyuki Usui doesn’t mind myself revealing that through his Bandcamp I reached out & he replied almost immediately! Friendly & very humble; he seemingly just wants his music to be heard..
    Anyway, “thank you!” for this podcast. I typed “Hiroyuki Usui” to make a playlist on Amazon Music & this pod popped up, much to my delight. Algorithm is working!

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