Track Premiere: Lea Bertucci & Ben Vida “Tulsa”

Lea Bertucci is always pursuing interesting, inventive projects, and her latest, Xtended Vox, continues that course. This compilation of experimental voice-based works features Cansu Tanrikulu, a three-part piece by Audrey Chen and Phil Minton, and the latest from Bertucci’s ongoing collaboration with Ben Vida called “Tulsa.” Murmurs and whispers flicker in pointillist patterns before being swept up in a wash of tape manipulation and saxophone traces. … Continue reading Track Premiere: Lea Bertucci & Ben Vida “Tulsa”

Murmurs Around the Mountain: Lea Bertucci + Ben Vida

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. Ben Vida and Lea Bertucci’s debut collaborative album, Murmurations, is out this week on Cibachrome Editions and it’s been in heavy rotation here over the last couple of months. Murmurations lands with a restrained force. It’s music that’s considered and heavy but saturated with an air of mischievousness that sets it apart. … Continue reading Murmurs Around the Mountain: Lea Bertucci + Ben Vida

Track Premiere: Ben Vida + Lea Bertucci “Gasps and Spasms”

The disorienting intensity popping across the spatial plane on Ben Vida and Lea Bertucci’s “Gasps and Spasms,” the opening track from their forthcoming collaborative debut, Murmurations, is all-encompassing. Sputtering woodwinds crackle to life, growling beneath a wall of electronic debris. Tape detritus fizzles in the open spaces, opening cracks for Bertucci’s voice to twist itself into shapes trapped within an ethereal cloud. The darkness is resolute; … Continue reading Track Premiere: Ben Vida + Lea Bertucci “Gasps and Spasms”

Ben Vida & Marina Rosenfeld “Leaving”

Ben Vida and Marina Rosenfeld’s last two collaborative efforts, Feel Anything and Vertice, are striking sound worlds. On their latest collaboration, Leaving, they take elements (literally and figuratively) from those pieces and grind them through the prism of our current situation. Leaving is a heavy meditation on our current reality. It’s an invigorating listen, almost alien at times, but imbued with an austere melancholy that I cannot escape. Rosenfeld is one … Continue reading Ben Vida & Marina Rosenfeld “Leaving”