Track Premiere: Lea Bertucci & Ben Vida “Tulsa”

Lea and Ben live in Tulsa at Tulsa Artist Fellowship’s Flagship space

Lea Bertucci is always pursuing interesting, inventive projects, and her latest, Xtended Vox, continues that course. This compilation of experimental voice-based works features Cansu Tanrikulu, a three-part piece by Audrey Chen and Phil Minton, and the latest from Bertucci’s ongoing collaboration with Ben Vida called “Tulsa.” Murmurs and whispers flicker in pointillist patterns before being swept up in a wash of tape manipulation and saxophone traces. Bertucci and Vida turn hiss into a textural phenomenon, pushing their vocal spells into strange, intricate shapes to fit through the spaces between the noisy rustles. Electronics spiral like all the wires holding the ether together are untethering in unison. “Tulsa” spreads outward to utilize every inch of the spatial plane, veering between capricious and grotesque. 

Xtended Vox will be released on December 8 via SA Recordings, along with a Spitfire Audio voice sample library. Pre-order the compilation HERE and pre-save HERE. Spitfire Audio’s sample libraries for this and past SA Recordings releases can be found HERE.

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