Celer “In Light of Blues”

On In Light of Blues, Will Long creates a series of miniature worlds. Most times with his work as Celer, I expect expansive, longform pieces that stretch to the limits of physical space and find a more welcoming home in infinite space. In Light of Blues channels that same evocative energy, but shrinks it into a capsule size. One swallow and Long takes us on an interplanetary trip … Continue reading Celer “In Light of Blues”

Video Premiere: Celer “Melancholy Movement”

Will Long’s Celer project has spanned decades even if the timelessness and scope of his work make it feel like millennia. Layers that tap into singular emotions, spread across infinite worlds of sound opening up new worlds and fresh pathways where belief and forgiveness run rampant. On “Melancholy Movement,” from his forthcoming album, In Light of Blues on Room 40, Long uses memory to transform into new forms. … Continue reading Video Premiere: Celer “Melancholy Movement”