Video Premiere: Celer “Melancholy Movement”

Will Long’s Celer project has spanned decades even if the timelessness and scope of his work make it feel like millennia. Layers that tap into singular emotions, spread across infinite worlds of sound opening up new worlds and fresh pathways where belief and forgiveness run rampant. On “Melancholy Movement,” from his forthcoming album, In Light of Blues on Room 40, Long uses memory to transform into new forms. Gleaming, smooth synthetic textures drift through past echoes, soft like clouds, recalling what it’s like to be held aloft in dreams. Weightlessness fights against inner gravity, shifting ethereal chords lilting in unison hinting at emotional freedom beyond the veil of a past sorrow. “Melancholy Movement” is a beautiful lamentation and an affective distillation of Long’s sonic approach, enhanced by the black and white images that feel like remembrances just out of reach.

In Light of Blues is out on August 13. Pre-order below.

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