Track Premiere: Lake Mary “Slow Grass”

The shape of the horizon is evolving. Chaz Prymek strings shadows together to uncover the hidden remnants of past lives and alternative memories lost in the ether. Emotive acoustic guitar plucks are searching, emboldened by Prymek’s Fuubutsushi bandmate Patrick Shiroishi’s saxophone motifs and their whimsical restraint. Birds sing. Clouds grow. Inside tiny moments, expansive landscapes bloom, rife with emotional depth and a pensive curiosity. These … Continue reading Track Premiere: Lake Mary “Slow Grass”

M. Sage “The Wind of Things”

This is the original frontier. Everything shiny and new, overtly processed and overstated is stripped away as Matthew Sage fabricates a new home out of sodden dirt, thunder cracks, and flowing rivers with a gentle wind at his back. The Wind of Things is on the opposite side of the sphere from his previous album on Geographic North, Catch a Blessing. Everything here is organic … Continue reading M. Sage “The Wind of Things”

Jussel, Prymek, Sage, Shiroishi “Setsubun (節分)”

The first release from this quartet, Fuubutsushi, was a delightful surprise. Matthew Sage, Patrick Shiroishi, and Chaz Prymek (aka Lake Mary) have all put out a clutch of impressive solo efforts and Chris Jusell is an accomplished violinist and someone whose work I need to search out. Together they have created another collection of organic songs that make me long for the green shoots of … Continue reading Jussel, Prymek, Sage, Shiroishi “Setsubun (節分)”