Track Premiere: Lake Mary “Slow Grass”

The shape of the horizon is evolving. Chaz Prymek strings shadows together to uncover the hidden remnants of past lives and alternative memories lost in the ether. Emotive acoustic guitar plucks are searching, emboldened by Prymek’s Fuubutsushi bandmate Patrick Shiroishi’s saxophone motifs and their whimsical restraint. Birds sing. Clouds grow. Inside tiny moments, expansive landscapes bloom, rife with emotional depth and a pensive curiosity. These moments are stitched together to shape a forked path stretched into the future.

Shiroishi breaks the surface with an all-time performance. While he’s best known for his versatile, engaging saxophone playing, his voice on “Slow Grass” stars. There’s a weightlessness to each phrase, heightening his singing’s gravitational pull. He’s such a remarkable artist, and his connection with Prymek is inveterate and profound.

“Slow Grass” hovers for a while, taking everything in before the dam bursts and Prymek’s picking grows into a fervor. Shiroishi’s saxophone runs become fireworks. The ecstasy of finality will break our hearts as we shed our secret duress and embark on the unknown. That’s where the real magic lives, anyway.

Slow Grass will be released on September 23 via Whited Sepulchre. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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