Track Premiere: Bailey Miller “Into What”

Vocal silhouettes grow into secret worlds filled with expressive magic on Bailey Miller’s captivating “Into What,” the latest single from her forthcoming debut, Still Water. Unfamiliar landscapes overflow from the corridors built from Miller’s lilting melodies, imbued with a quiet determination to find a forgotten light. Electronics whisper and hum ageless questions and sweet nothings through the ether. Beneath it all, a calm tension grows into … Continue reading Track Premiere: Bailey Miller “Into What”

Track Premiere: Lake Mary “Slow Grass”

The shape of the horizon is evolving. Chaz Prymek strings shadows together to uncover the hidden remnants of past lives and alternative memories lost in the ether. Emotive acoustic guitar plucks are searching, emboldened by Prymek’s Fuubutsushi bandmate Patrick Shiroishi’s saxophone motifs and their whimsical restraint. Birds sing. Clouds grow. Inside tiny moments, expansive landscapes bloom, rife with emotional depth and a pensive curiosity. These … Continue reading Track Premiere: Lake Mary “Slow Grass”

Video Premiere: Allison Lorenzen (feat. Midwife) “Vale”

Greeted by sheets of warm, fuzzy guitar chord progressions, Allison Lorenzen’s “Vale” is a tight embrace during the darkest moments before dawn breaks. Repeating melodies swirl like passing ghosts as her voice slithers between emotive, coalescing arrangements. Archaic rituals trickle through the aural stones and grow into a gravitational aura of countless phantoms. The video follows a twisting, dark narrative with vague psychedelic and Western … Continue reading Video Premiere: Allison Lorenzen (feat. Midwife) “Vale”

Track Premiere: Joy Guidry “Inner Child”

Joy Guidry’s work has a cathartic power to it that condenses into heavy, affecting passages that spill into the air from every direction. Guidry’s forthcoming album, Radical Acceptance, is a journey and on the first single, “Inner Child,” the past still hurts, but it doesn’t define the next steps forward. In describing their practice of radical acceptance, Guidry says, “The most important thing I’ve had to … Continue reading Track Premiere: Joy Guidry “Inner Child”

Jeremiah M. Carter & Chelsea Bridge “Of Babel”

Stretching through the haze of daybreak, the new collaborative album from Jeremiah M. Carter and Chelsea Bridge, The Way It Pours Into Itself, breathes in the dissonance only to find beauty in exhalation. Album closer, “Of Babel,” is a winding tapestry of spectral drones and spiraling string incantations, illuminated like the final moments of a dream. Bridge’s ethereally processed voice is a knife through the middle … Continue reading Jeremiah M. Carter & Chelsea Bridge “Of Babel”

Mark Trecka Traces Difficult Connections

When Mark Trecka’s piano spreads its wings, magic happens. On his thoughtful new album, Acknowledgment, Trecka uses only piano, voice, and handmade cassette loops to craft an emotionally rich sound world. Acknowledgment is a record that takes multiple listens to fully absorb, and even then the deep undercurrents resonate in an almost ephemeral way. It’s music that becomes a piece of you as soon as it clicks. Trecka … Continue reading Mark Trecka Traces Difficult Connections