Track Premiere: Bailey Miller “Into What”

Vocal silhouettes grow into secret worlds filled with expressive magic on Bailey Miller’s captivating “Into What,” the latest single from her forthcoming debut, Still Water. Unfamiliar landscapes overflow from the corridors built from Miller’s lilting melodies, imbued with a quiet determination to find a forgotten light. Electronics whisper and hum ageless questions and sweet nothings through the ether. Beneath it all, a calm tension grows into an incandescent spectacle punctured by swirling harmonic passages, the silver threads tying us all together. We become interconnected by the stillness of it all. Still Water is one of the best debuts I’ve heard in a while, and “Into What” shows all the reasons why.

Into Water will be released tomorrow, September 2, via Whited Sepulchre. Stream below and order HERE.

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