Video Premiere: Allison Lorenzen (feat. Midwife) “Vale”

Greeted by sheets of warm, fuzzy guitar chord progressions, Allison Lorenzen’s “Vale” is a tight embrace during the darkest moments before dawn breaks. Repeating melodies swirl like passing ghosts as her voice slithers between emotive, coalescing arrangements. Archaic rituals trickle through the aural stones and grow into a gravitational aura of countless phantoms. The video follows a twisting, dark narrative with vague psychedelic and Western undercurrents. Lorenzen and the cold, mountainous landscape star in the hidden hollows where magic is conjured, and secrets come to life. Lorenzen’s purposeful movements connect to the power in her words, unlocking the code for tomorrow. Stunning.

“Vale” is on Lorenzen’s recent album, Tender, out now on Whited Sepulchre. Stream below and grab a copy HERE.

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