Track Premiere: Joshua Hill and Micaela Tobin “Fade Away”

Intermediate zones bleed into spectral spaces within Joshua Hill and Micaela Tobin’s “Fade Away.” Born in a tent outside Hill’s parent’s home in Arizona, the duo’s Tent Music expands into unfathomable terrain. Forward-marching cadences grow into a ramshackle brilliance, Tobin and Hill’s voices climbing higher through a billowing, existential framework. Basslines find grooves in the echoes atop string layers and guitars, infused with ecstatic drama and intricate details. Tobin sings for the dreams that we never want to end, joined in harmony by Hill to encase our entire beings in a gilded, cathartic radiance. “Fade Away” is otherworldly and unforgettable, the perfect introduction to Tent Music.

Tent Music will be released on August 25 by Whited Sepulchre. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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